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Maple Syrup Festival 2019

March 2nd and 9th, 2019

9 AM– 4 PM

Camp Lazarus


The Pancake Feast will be served in the dining hall all day with pancakes, maple syrup, sausage links and drinks! Hot dogs and chips are available in the afternoon. Meals are $5 each and are not included with regular admission!

Free activities include our pioneer areas where you can learn pioneer games, watch a blacksmith make nails, try your hand at branding and rope making, and learn about pioneer cooking and other skills.  

For a small fee, you can buy a bowl of our handmade beansoup, try some fry bread, make a whistle or do a small leather stampingproject! (Please note: activities while supplies last!)

Stop by The Adams Mullins Sugar Shack to learn how wemake our maple syrup and meet our syrup makers!


$5.00 admission per day

$5.00 per meal in the dining hall

Pre-Registration Package! Getyour event patch, one meal in the Dining Hall and one-day admission all for$15.

See attachment for more details.

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All Scouts and their families are invited to attend the Blue& Gold, in celebration of Cub Scouting’s birthday and graduation of the Arrow of Light den.   

Den awards

Arrow of Light den crossover into Boy Scouts 


Fella's Cake Bake Contest

Saturday, March 16, 2019

5-7 pm

McKnight Outdoor Education Center

Ottawa Lodge

3200 Indian Village Road

Columbus, OH 43221