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Happenings with Pack #307!

What's Happening Lately?

Cub Pack #307 continues to flourish with a new First Grade Tiger Den to complete our Kindergarten-5th grade scouting program!

We have had LOTS of fun and activities lately, starting with our MysteryTrip Around the World in late Feb. taking us by bus and subway to Pueblo de Los Angeles National Park, Olvera Street and China Town, complete with “passports”and clue books!  

On March 5th, we held our annual Cub Scouting anniversaryBlue & Gold Dinner in Lee Hall, complete with awards and a bird show,including a Blue & Gold Macaw (of course). 

 March 10-12th, we camped out atMalibu Creek State Park, enjoying God’s beautiful creation, exploring natureand the nature center and even holding a closing flag ceremony at the visitorscenter. Through hiking, camping, outdoor cooking, knot tying and nature center study, scouts completed several outdoor adventures!

The Pack is looking forward to Feeding the Homeless April 13th and attending theawesome Balboa Oaks district Camporee April 21-23!  

Pack #307’s Fall Campout was a BLAST! 

Pack 307's First Camp out was on Saturday, November 1st at Oak Park in Simi Valley and we had a great time! 

Despite the prediction of the season's first rains, we lucked out with only some light showers for about 20 minutes in the afternoon.

We started our adventure by gathering at Oak Park around 11AM and the boys went right into playing basket ball on the outdoor court!

Shortly thereafter, we gathered together for an opening ceremony (thank you Ethan W. for leading our flag salute) & camp rules and heading right in to lighting our cooking campfire for lunch.

The boys then dug in to making the Kabobs that we would wrap in foil and put on the campfire. The parents and older siblings helped with chopping and cutting and overall supervision. After a few minutes on the open flames we helped ourselves to a delicious fire roasted lunch, including salad, grapes and rolls!

After lunch, we convened around the campfire and worked on our Geology Belt Loop. Each Cub was able to recite the meaning of the word Geology and describe Metamorphic, Igneous & Sedimentary rock. Then we took a hike on a nearby trail and studied rock formations and looked for a special pet rock to paint when returning to camp. 

After working on our Pet Rock Painting, families broke into family units to work on their den handbooks and have some special family time

Soon it was time for S'mores back at the campfire for a special afternoon treat!

All Cubs helped set up tents for those staying the night and continued games of 3-flies up and basketball as well as swinging on swings and just having fun together!

In the early evening, we had a Quad-copter flight demonstration by Jay S., complete with lights that made the four prop, four legged model craft look like something from outer space!

Dinner was again cooked on the open fire as we served stuffed potatoes with veggies, chili and cheese with the rest of the salad & grapes.

The evening concluded with Campfire Cupcake making, which included juicing and hollowing out orange halves and filling half with cupcake batter, covering with the other half orange peel and wrapping in foil. Back out on the open fire, the cupcakes cooked as we sang around the campfire!

Our final activity for the evening was stargazing with Dan K.'s awesome telescope! We were able to look at craters on the moon up close and personal as well as stars and star clusters and a nebula or two.

The evening and bedding down in the "rather cool for California" outdoors started off as a restful night to end a busy day. Unfortunately, we overlooked one "minor" detail of sprinkler location in relation to two of our tent camping families.  A 4 AM early morning shower that went up under the rain fly and into the tents was worse than had it actually rained and was a rude awakening for all except Tiger Cub Andy G. who slept right through it!

The morning came with a few rather wet campers, but sunshine and a nice breakfast of cereal, bagels & cream cheese, grapes and of course, fresh squeezed orange juice from our Campfire Cupcakes. In addition, Webelo Scout, Johnny K., fried up eggs for all who wanted one!

Our adventure culminated in hiking up to the Simi Valley Flyers model airplane flying field to watch the model airplanes and helicopters do their stunts. 
Scouts and siblings even got to fly an airplane themselves using a secondary buddy controller!

After packing up our gear and having a Scouts Own time of reflection on the fun we had and a time of reverence, we broke camp and headed home (most for a hot shower and a nice nap!).

We had a fantastic first outing and are looking forward to many more! 

Yours In Scouting,

Lauri Sherbon, Cubmaster

Sample Summer and Fall Event Highlights



                                17                           Back to Scouting Pool Party!       

                                26                           Pack Pizza &  Movie Night!          


                                9                              Den Meetings                  

                                16                           Pack Belt Loop Workshop & Parent Meeting      

                                23                           Den Meetings - Cub Fun Night!

                                27-29                     Pt. Mugu Naval Base Camp Out!              

                                30                           Pack Meeting!  


                                7                              Den Meetings  

                                10                           Feeding the Homeless - Webelo 2           

                                14                           Pack Belt Loop Workshop & Parent Meeting      

                                21                           Den Meetings + Popcorn Returns & Take Orders Due    

                                26                           Corn Maze Outing!         

                                28                           Pack Meeting/Halloween Party


                                4                              Den Meetings- Turn-in "Scouting for Food"                        

                                9 & 10                    Placerita Canyon Fall Campout!

                                11                           Veteran's Day Field Trip!             

                                15-17                     Den MeetingsTroop #307 Red Rock for Webelos!            

                                18                           Den Meetings  

                                25                           Pack Meeting Parade Prep!        


                                2                              Den Meetings-Finish Parade Prep!                         

                                8                              GH Holiday Parade!        

                                9                              Den + Pack Belt Loop Workshop & Parent Meeting         

                                12                           Feeding the Homeless - Webelo 1           

                                16                           Pack Adopt-a-family gift wrap & cookie exchange