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Pack 149 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Pack Meetings held?
A: Monthly Regular Pack Meetings are held at the Cherrydale Unitded Methodist Church (3701 Lorcom Lane, Entrance on Nelly Custis) on a Wednesday night from 7-8:00 PM.  There are exceptions in January, February, and March when we have special events in lieu of the regular pack meeting. Check the Calendar for details on the dates and locations or meetings and other special events each month. 

Q: How many Scouts are in Pack 149?
A: Pack 149 usually has about 70-90 Scouts annually.

Q: Where can I purchase a Scout Uniform for my son?
A: Casual Adventure on Washington Blvd. or the Northern Virginia Scout Shop

Q: Do we get a discount on items purchased at Casual Adventure?
A: Casual Adventure offers a 10% discount on scout gear and clothing. Tell them you are with Pack 149.

Q: What constitutes a fully trained Den Leader and what resources are available for new leaders?
A: Den Leaders (or Assistant Leaders) complete Youth Protection Training ("YPT") before they begin their leader roles. Leaders must also complete position-specific training, which is available on-line through Once you have created a account that includes your member ID number and your leadership role, you will find information here on all position-specific training requirements and on-line courses.  

Please note that Youth Protection is absolutely mandatory (and quick).  The other courses are required in order to be a fully trained leader - complete these and you will get a "trained" patch for your uniform and find yourself better prepared to lead your den. 

What is Pow-Wow?

The "Pow-Wow" is a once a year, all day training event where leaders you can take supplemental training to their experience easier and more rewarding.