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This Parent Guide provides you with answers to questions about Pack 210’s program. In it, you will find information about meetings, dues and the role of parents in Cub Scouting. If you have any questions not answered in this brief Guide, please contact the Cubmaster at the "Contact Our Pack" link at the top of this page.

Application Materials

BSA Youth Application -- Mandatory for all NEW Cub Scouts!  Please fill-out, sign and return PAGE 3 only!
(The application asks that you agree to read the BSA Parent's Guide about protecting your child.)
Icon File Name Comment  
1 BSA Youth Application.pdf (Sign & Return)  
2 BSA How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse - A Parents Guide.pdf (Read Only)  
3 BSA Adult Application.pdf (Volunteer Adult Leaders ONLY - Sign & Return)  
4 CORI Form.pdf (Volunteer Adult Leaders ONLY - Sign & Return)  

The Cub Scouting Organization

Cub Scout Pack 210 is a non-denominational pack made up of kids in grades 1-5 and their families from across Newton. Our program depends entirely on the planning and participation of parents who make up the leadership of the Pack and help support activities throughout the year.

NOTE: Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year Pack 210 will be open to both boys and girls who are interested in scouting

Kids are grouped into Dens by grade level.

First graders and their adult partners form the Tiger Cub Den.
Second graders and their adult partners form the Wolf Cub Den
Third graders and their adult partners form the Bear Cub Den. 
Fourth and Fifth graders and their adult partners form the Webelos Den.

Membership is open to anyone in first through fifth grade. For example, they do not have to have been a Wolf to join a Bear Den.

Each Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Den has an adult Den Leader who plans the Den’s activities. These leaders are themselves parents of boys in the Cub Scout program and they depend on the support and assistance of all the other parents in their Dens.

All Dens meet twice a month, once as a Den and once at the monthly Pack meeting.

All the Dens together form Pack 210. We meet as a Pack once each month. The Pack is led by a committee of parents.

Cub Scout Meetings

We welcome and encourage you to participate in our Cub Scout meetings during the year. All meetings, outings, and events are open to any parent at any time.

Den meetings. Dens meet at least once a month. At least two adults are required to be present at each Den meeting, which should generally be the Den Leader and at least one other parent volunteer. The Den Leader chooses the date, time and location of the Den meetings.

Pack meetings. Pack meetings are for all the members of Pack 210 and their families. We encourage the whole family to attend the Pack meeting; we expect at least one parent will attend each Pack meeting with his or her Cub Scout. Unless announced differently, Pack meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month in the Tech Center of The Carroll Center for the Blind, 770 Centre St., Newton MA 02459 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. We strive to begin each meeting at 7:00 p.m. sharp. Please plan to arrive a little early for each meeting.

Special events. Almost every month, we try to have planned special events and outings. You and your entire family are encouraged to participate in these events whenever your schedule permits. Some of these events require advance registration and an additional fee. Details will be announced at Pack meetings, listed on the Pack website calendar or you can contact your Den Leader or Cubmaster for further information.

A schedule of Pack meetings and events for the Scouting year can be found on the Pack's Schedule Page.

Finances and Dues

The Boys Scouts of America (BSA), to which Pack 210 belongs, is a non-profit organization. Pack 210 receives no funding from BSA or the Mayflower Council of the BSA. Pack 210 must be self-supporting. Although all of our leadership consists of volunteers, we must ensure we have the funds to support the main activities of the Pack, including leader training, awards, the Pinewood Derby, and the Blue and Gold Picnic. We must also pay the BSA a registration fee for scout to cover insurance costs and Council programs.

Pack 210’s annual registration dues are currently $150 per scout. Of this amount, approximately $85 goes to the Knox Trail Mayflower Council for insurance and council support, $13 covers the cost of your scout's rank-appropriate handbook and $10 for badges earned during the year. With the remaining funds the Pack provides for other activities.

Pack 210 is committed to ensuring that every scout can get the Cub Scouting experience without regard to family financial circumstances. If at any time such circumstances would prevent your scout’s participation in any Cub Scouting activity, please contact the Cubmaster. All requests will be treated confidentially.

Parent Responsibilities

The adult leaders of Pack 210 do their best to provide a quality program. It must be kept in mind, though, that they are volunteers and have many other obligations outside of Cub Scouting. For your scout to get the most of our Cub Scouting, they will also need to depend on you, both to help them, and to help the Cub Scout program of which they are a part. We expect every parent to help the Pack in some capacity. The most important job is Den Leader, but there are many other areas where your help in running the Pack is needed and appreciated.

The following guidelines are designed to help you and your son get the most out of Cub Scouting:
  • Be on Time. Please arrive at all meetings and events on time. Also, unless arrangements have been made with your Den Leader, please be prompt to pick-up your scout from Den meetings.
  • Read Your Handbook. Support your scout’s involvement in Cub Scouting by becoming familiar with their advancement requirements. If you read through the handbook, you will be better prepared to support their efforts to “do their best.”
  • Report an Absence Ahead of Time. Den Leaders spend a lot of time preparing for Den and Pack activities that include your scout. If your scout will be unable to attend a Pack or Den meeting, please let your Den Leader know as soon as possible.
  • Reinforce Good Conduct During Meetings. Parents share with Cub Scout leaders responsibility for ensuring proper conduct by their scout. Please stress that good behavior is part of being a Cub Scout, and set a good example by being respectful of others during Pack meetings.
  • Support Good Turns. The Pack and Dens will provide opportunities for scouts to give service to the community. We ask that you support these opportunities for your scout to learn the art of giving.
  • Be in Uniform. Please make sure that your scout is in uniform for all Cub Scout meetings and events. Support their accomplishments by seeing that advancement patches promptly become part of their uniform.
  • Participate. Your child will get more out of Cub Scouting if you get involved. You are expected to volunteer in some way during the year. You should also take your share in organizing Den meetings and working with the Den Leader of your scout's Den. Cub Scouting is only successful when parents participate actively.

Pack 210 Scheduling Notes

  • Pack meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and last approximately one hour. All Pack meetings will be held in the Tech Center of The Carroll Center for the Blind unless otherwise announced.
  • Pack meetings are for the entire family! Cub Scouts are expected to attend with at least one parent -- everyone in your family is welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • In order for a Cub Scout to receive an award at a monthly Pack meeting, parents must notify the Cub Scout’s Den Leader no fewer than eight days before the Pack meeting.
  • Cub Scouts are expected to wear their uniforms to all meetings and events.
  • You will receive a schedule of Den meetings from your Den Leader.
  • For more information about Pack 210 events, please contact the Cubmaster or your Den Leader