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UNIFORM BUYING GUIDE.docx Pack 210 Uniform Buying Guide (2018-19)  


Why Do We Wear Uniforms?

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. There are many reasons for this. One reason stands out above all the rest. We wear the uniform because it is a means of identifying ourselves openly with the principles to which we are committed - character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness.

The fact that youth and adult members of Scouting wear a uniform doesn't mean that we're all alike. We come from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. We have our own religious beliefs and political views. We are each individuals with our own family traditions and loyalties. So the uniform is not intended to hide our individuality. But it is a way we give each other strength and support. It is a bond that ties us together in spite of our differences. It is a way of making visible our commitment to [spiritual] belief, loyalty to country, and to helping other people.


The Scouting movement is built on positive values. As we wear the uniform, we are openly identifying ourselves with those values where everyone can see us. We stand together, not alone, in encouraging others to live by those same principles. Boys and adults alike should take pride in belonging to such a movement and wear the uniform as it is intended.

Uniform Requirements and Styles

Each Cub Scout will need his own uniform. Uniforms, and other scouting supplies can be purchased from the...

Woburn Scout Shop (“Scout Store”)
600 West Cummings Park  (Next to Little Folks Day School)
Woburn, MA 01801
ph: 781-937-4282

Pack 210 does not require you to purchase the official pants or hat. Any dark blue pants can be worn with the uniform.

Tiger Cub Uniform

For Tiger Cubs, the uniform consists of a blue Cub Scout Uniform shirt and matching orange hat (optional) and neckerchief.

Since the blue Cub Scout shirt can be worn from first grade through fifth grade, we recommend parents of boys just starting Cub Scouts in second or third grade to purchase a shirt that will allow plenty of room for growth. We also recommend that you buy a short sleeve uniform shirt. During winter months, scouts can wear a turtle-neck or sweatshirt under their shirt for extra warmth. 
Tiger Uniform 

Wolf UniformBear Uniform Wolf and Bear Cub Scout Uniform

Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts wear the blue Cub Scout uniform shirt. The uniform consists of the uniform shirt, selected patches (see “Patches” below), a neckerchief for their age-level (yellow for Wolves, blue for Bears), a neckerchief slide, and either a yellow (Wolf) or blue (Bear) Cub Scout cap (optional). 

Webelos Uniform

The Webelos uniform consists of the uniform shirt , selected patches (see “Patches” below), the Webelos neckerchief, the Webelos neckerchief slide, and dark green Webelos cap (optional). Webelos Scouts may either wear the blue Cub Scout uniform or the khaki-and-tan Boy Scout uniform. Again, dark blue pants are to be worn with the blue Cub Scout uniform and dark green or khaki pants with the tan uniform shirt. The Webelos uniform is the same for both fourth and fifth graders. For Webelos who do not already own a uniform shirt or who need a new one we recommend the khaki Boy Scout uniform since it can be worn once your scount transitions to the Boy Scouts.
Webelos Uniform

Placement of Patches. Patches are designed to be sewn onto the uniform or attached with badge magic adhesive. Guides for patch placement can be found inside the front and back covers of the Wolf, Bear and Webelos books. Note that only one “temporary patch” is permitted on the uniform at a time (and then only on the right pocket). Temporary patches include those from the day camps, Museum of Science Camp-In, and so forth. 

Handbooks. Pack 210 provides each Scout with a handbook. We recommend parents familiarize themselves with their child’s book.

Wearing the Uniform. Cub Scouts should wear their uniform at all Den meetings, Pack meetings, and outings.