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Scout Skills

This is a page with incredibly useful skills that every scout should know.

*Pocketknife Safety

*Useful Knots

*Fire Safety


Pocketknife Safety

Here is some basic pocketknife safety:

Keep the blade closed except when you are using the pocketknife.
Keep your knife sharp and clean. A sharp blade is easier to control than a dull one.
Always cut away from yourself.
Close the blades before you pass a knife to someone else.

Throw a knife.
Cut toward yourself because you can get injured.
Carry a knife with the blade open.
Pry with the point of a knife.
Put a knife in a fire.

To sharpen your knife you should use a whetstone. Most whetstone are made from materials that are harder than the knife. To sharpen with a stone put a few drops of water or oil on the stone and sharpen the blade against the stone at an angle about 30 degrees.

Useful Knots

Fire Safety

Here is some basic fire safety rules:

When creating a fire, know your surroundings and clear any potential hazards away.
Never leave a fire unattended.
Clear any flammable items away from the flame.
Always make sure you smother the fire completely when leaving the site.
Putting out a fire:
Extinguish any fire when you no longer need it. Make sure it is out completely so that it would not burn you if you touched it. Do not dump water on a fire because the embers will fly everywhere, instead, slowly pour water on the fire to smother it.