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Cub Scout Pack 1194
(Nokesville, Virginia)
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Pack 1194 Behavior Contract

Pack 1194 Behavior Contract
We follow the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Scout Law.
I, ______________________________, promise to follow the rules established by my Den
and at all Den and Pack Meetings and any Cub Scout related outings.
These rules will include, but not be limited to, the following:
1. Boys will be respectful of themselves, each other, and their Den Leaders.
2. Boys will be respectful of property.
3. Boys will only use kind words when speaking to each other or to adult leaders. Indoor voices will be
used while indoors.
4. There will be no pushing or hitting.
5. Listen for and follow all directions.
6. There will be no running within the school unless expressly permitted by adult leaders.
7. It is the responsibility of boys and their parents to keep their behavior in check. If parents don’t or
won’t discipline their children, the Leaders reserve the right to enforce the rules.
8. Parents are to work cooperatively with Den and Pack Leaders to create a fun, positive environment
for our Scouts.
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