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Eagle Scout

The EAGLE Has Landed!

Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Boy Scouts.


The Trail to Eagle Scout:

To become an Eagle Scout you have to go through 6 other ranks and complete many tasks. There are requirements such as earning certain badges, learning new things and having a job in the troop.


The first thing you have to do is become a Scout by joining to join the troop and show you will be committed and learn what is to be a Scout.


Then the next rank is Tenderfoot Scout.  You will learn to do multiple things such as camping, safety, knots and ropes, tips for being in the wild and other things like folding the American Flag.


The next rank after that is Second Class Scout.  You will learn so many things like cooking, building fires, first aid methods for emergencies like a broken leg, arm or someone drowning.


First Class Scout is the next rank. There are so many things you learn at this rank and you really begin to develop your leadership skills. In this rank you will meet with civic leaders, learn and explain food preparation, get assigned a job in the troop.


The next rank is Star Scout and for this rank you need to acquire 4 Eagle badges and two regular badges and do six months of a specific job within the troop and six hours of community service.


The next rank with is Life Scout requires 3 eagle badges and 2 regular also six months of a job within the troop and six hours of community service plus teaching a younger Scout the edge method.


And then finally you are ready to earn Eagle Scout which requires you to have 11 eagle badges plus 10 more badges. You need to have another 6 months of a job within the troop and you have to plan a community service project and do it.


2017 Troop 560 Eagle Scouts


Eagle Scout Brian Noss

Eagle Scout Jonathan Homestock

Eagle Scout James Cruz

Eagle Scout Nick Tlockowski

Eagle Scout Cody Smith

Eagle Scout Micheal Mirable