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The cost of a year in Scouting is about the same as the cost (or less) of playing in a youth recreational sports league. The costs tend to be front loaded into a Scouts first year, primarily due to the cost of the uniform.


Each Scout will pay yearly dues of $80. Dues will be collected starting September 18, and need to be paid by November 20 for the 2020 Scouting year. Dues are for the following calendar year. Dues cover: National Registration Fees, Pack and Den Awards, Boy's Life Magazine, Pinewood Derby Car Kit, Rocket Kit, Class B T-shirt, Pack and Den materials for meetings. There may be occasions where an additional fee may be required for certain Pack or Den activities. Those additional fees will be communicated to the Scouts and families in a timely manner.

Individual Scout Accounts

Each Scout has an individual Scout Account that reflects the Scout’s debits and credits with the Pack. Scouts can add money to their Scout Account by selling popcorn or camp cards. The Scout Account can be used to pay for certain Scouting related items.

If a Scout moves to a new Pack, their parents can request that their remaining Scout Account balance move with them. A Scout that transitions from Webelos to Boy Scouts can likewise transfer his Scout Account balance to his new Troop. Cub Scout Pack 417 is affiliated with Boy Scout Troop 21, Scout Accounts can ONLY be transferred to Troop 21 once the Scout crosses over. Scout Accounts cannot be transferred to any other Boy Scout Troop. Scouts that leave Scouting altogether can expend their Scout Account balance or opt to donate it to the Troop.  Transfers or Scout Account balances to other Scouting units is not automatic. The Scout’s parent or guardian must make a request to the Pack 417 Treasurer to get the balance transferred. Balance transfer checks will be made out to the new unit (Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop) along with a note from the Treasurer stating the Scout’s name, rank and balance. These items should be given to the Treasurer of the new unit.

Individual Scout Accounts may only be used for Scouting related activities. Scout Accounts may be used for annual dues, Pack activities such as camp-outs, items from the Dan Beard Scout Store and, Den activities (such as a Den trip to the Aquarium, or special supplies), Dan Beard Council activities, camping or other outdoor gear from any sporting goods or camping related retailer (REI, Bass Pro, Cabela's, etc.) such as tents, flashlights, compasses, sleeping bags.  In all cases except Pack Dues and Pack activities, a receipt must be provided to the Pack Treasurer for reimbursement.

Any unused and untransferred Scout Account balance becomes a donation to Pack 417 on June 30th of the year following a Scouts last registration year. While the Scouting year runs from June 1 to May 31, a Scout's registration runs from Jan 1 to Dec. 31. For example, a Scout who joins in the Fall of 2019 will be registered for the full calendar year of 2020. If the Scout quits the program in May of 2020, their registration is still active until Dec. 31, 2020. They will be considered no longer a member of the Pack on January 1, 2021. If they have a remaining balance on July 1, 2021, that balance becomes a donation to the Pack. This means that a Scout has a minimum of six months after quitting Scouts to use his Scout Account funds before they transfer to Pack 417.

Financial Assistance

The goal of Pack 417 is to provide a positive life experience for all youth. If participation in Scouting is a financial hardship for their family, they can request financial assistance. Financial assistance from Pack 417 comes in the form of reduced cost annual dues and activities. Families seeking financial assistance should make a written request to the Pack Committee Chair, Cub Master or Treasurer.

Financial assistance requests will be reviewed by the Pack Committee Chair, Cub Master and Treasurer. These three individuals will make an initial determination on behalf of the Pack if financial aid is warranted and if they agree it is, they will bring the request anonymously to the full Pack Committee for a final vote. The requestor identity will only be known to the Pack Committee Chair, Cub Master and Treasurer.

The Pack will not assume a request for financial assistance is perpetual. A new request must be made prior to recharter. The request period therefore will span from June 1 until one month before the dues deadline for that year, usually in October or November.  Final Determinations of aid are at the discretion of the Pack Committee.

Additional financial assistance may be available from other organizations such as Dan Beard Council.

While financial assistance is intended to make Scouting available to any youth who wishes to participate, one of the goals of Pack 417 is that the Scout learn to take some responsibility to earn their way in Scouting. To that end, a Scout that receives financial assistance should try to earn money for their Scout Account through Pack and Council sponsored fundraisers. If a Scout requests financial assistance and they have money in their scout account from the previous year(s), the committee will consider the situation and will expect a certain percentage of the scout account balance to be applied toward the dues for that year.