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Every year the Pack participates in the Boy Scout Popcorn sale. The sale
 usually occurs September through October, with deliveries in November and 
is the major fundraising activity of our Pack. It is highly encouraged for all Scouts to participate in this event
receive prizes and other recognition.
The Pack relies heavily on the funds generated by this fundraiser. Everyone’s participation is expected 
and appreciated. The Pack retains 30% of the proceeds of the popcorn sold and is the single largest source of funding for all Pack activities.

Why do we sell popcorn?
  • Character development
  • Gain confidence
  • Goal setting
  • Money management
  • Public speaking
  • Overcoming fear & rejection
  • Earn their way
How do we sell?

We use a combination of 3 methods:
  • Online (45% commission)
  • Show & sells, either with storefronts or door-to-door (32% commission)
  • Take home order form (32% commission)

  2020 Popcorn Master Resource Guide
   See file below for the Pack Popcorn Kickoff Guide
If you have any questions please contact Sara Sheldt

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2020 Popcorn Master Resource Guide - Google Docs.pdf