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Troop 74 Weekend Camping Checklist

      Backpack  -Must Haves

o   Rain Gear (A MUST)

o   Flashlight

o   Extra batteries for flashlight

o   Pocket Knife (Totin' Chip needed)

o   Large garbage or small tarp bag for backpack for rain cover.

o   Scout Handbook (Always have this with you)

o   Notebook and Pen/Pencil (Any kind to write notes on)

o   Day Pack for day hikes.

    Sleeping Gear

o   Sleeping Bag (for colder months, Winter-Rated-Winter Bag 0 to -30 degree).

o   Foam Bed Roll/ Ground Cloth (Small Tarp 6’x8’).

o   Sleeping bag Liner (Optional)

o   Sleeping Attire (PJs,)

o   Camping pillow (must fit in backpack)

       Eating Gear

o   Mess Kit (Cup, Bowl, Pot, Plate)

o   Thermal Cup with cover (Coffee Mug Style) optional.

o   Utensil Mess Kit (Fork, Knife, Spoon)


o   Toothbrush / toothpaste

o   Soap or Hand Sanitizer.

o   Wash Cloth & Towel

o    Comb

o   Tissues (small package)


o   Coat (should be proper for the weather that weekend)

o   Socks (3 to 4 pairs) should be scout socks or wool for cold weather camping.

o   Underwear (3 to 4 pairs)

o   Thermal Underwear or  Under Armor (qty. 2 pair)

o   Pants 3 pairs--NO JEANS.

o   Class-B T shirts ( x4) can be substituted with red T-shirts.

o   Hooded Sweatshirt (1 or 2) -one could be a regular sweatshirt.

o   Hiking Boots/Snow Boots (sneakers as a back-up only)

o   Gloves (at least one pair is a must)

o   Boy Scout hat

o   Wool pullover hat for cold weather and sleeping.

o   Snow Pants (Optional)