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Winter Safety Tips

Winter  Camping essentials  

In general, dress in multiple thin layers of synthetic clothing. No cotton!

Examples: polyester, acrylic, or polypropylene. Wool is the only natural fiber recommended.

Bring clothing to allow for two different activity levels, one active and one for stationary around camp.

Layer your clothing in three different types:


1 The first layer against the skin should be long underwear that will be the wicking layer to transport the moisture from your perspiration from your skin.


2 The second layer should be the layer that traps warm air and creates insulation from the cold. This layer contains lofty material that has dead air space such as fleece – "Polartec", synthetic down, or down. The higher the loft the warmer you will be.


3 The third layer should keep out moisture. This is to keep your insulating clothing dry but also allow your perspiration to escape.


Remember the four W’s, Wicking, Warmth, Windproof, and Waterproof.


Start with the headgear and work down to the feet.


Stocking hat or better yet balaclava (fleece or wool), 40-50% of the total body heat loss occurs from the head and neck

SPF rated lip balm



Wicking T-shirt and/or long undershirt

Thermal underwear shirt, at least 2.

Wind shirt – long sleeve with or without fleece (options: turtleneck, workout suit, sweatshirt)

Jacket for warmth – fleece "Polartec", synthetic down, or down

Hooded rain parka or coat"



Liner gloves

Mittens are warmer than fingered gloves, water-resistant, at least 2 pairs

Shell mittens - waterproof



Thermal long underwear pants, 2 pairs.

Wind pants

Fleece, synthetic down, or down pants/bib for around camp

Thin ski pants/bib, weatherproof but breathable



Liner wicking socks

Thick wool or synthetic sock

Waterproof boots – Gore-tex boots with insulation is best, insulated snow boots, sealed leather hiking boots