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Boy Scout Troop 74
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Uniform Exchange

This is what is presently in our Uniform Exchange Box. Please note that contents may change frequently, so this list may not be up-to-date.

Pants:                                         Class A:
BS youth 14
green youth 12                            Youth Large/Small Class B
BS youth 8                                    Youth X Large/Medium Class B
Green youth 16                            Youth Large
camo waist 31
camo waist 34
BS waist 34
Green youth 12

Green youth 12
BS waist 22
BS waist 32
BS waist 30
Green  waist 33
Green waist 33
BS youth 14
BS Adult small
Green waist 34

red medium
red youth large
red adult XL
red small

boots size 6
4 pairs of socks, various sizes