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Boy Scout Troop 101
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Welcome visitors and parents to Troop 101!  This sheet explains how to become a member of Boy Scout Troop 101. Michael Spicuzza , is our Scoutmaster.  He may be reached at

Joining the Troop
- You will receive a Troop 101 neckerchief.


1.    Complete and sign a Boy Scout application form.  Please fill out both the front and the back (medical information). 


2.    Bring the completed form, along with a check for $30 made out to Troop 101 to the next Troop meeting.  We meet at Cass Jr. High School every Monday that is not a school holiday, beginning at 7:15 PM.  During June and July, we meet every Monday. except holidays and Summer Camp week, at Meyer Woods starting at 7:00 PM. Try to get there about 15 minutes early, so we can take care of the paperwork before the meeting.


3.    Once you join the Troop and are officially registered, the Troop will give you a Boy Scout Handbook and explain how to begin advancement towards rank.


4.    Get your uniform in order.  Boy Scouts wear the tan Scout shirt.  The Troop will provide you with a “101” unit numeral, the green shoulder tabs, a “World Scouting” badge, a Quality Unit patch and a patrol patch.  You only have to provide the shirt and the PTAC council patch.  If you don’t have them, you can buy them at the Pathway To Adventure Council Scout Shop in LaGrange on Hillgrove Ave.


5.    Start coming to the weekly meetings.  Within a month or two after joining the Troop, you should be able to earn the first rank, “Scout”.  It is pretty much a recap of what you had to learn and do to earn the Arrow of Light, plus a special requirement that you will have to complete with your parents.


Troop Meetings
- Boy Scout advancement is done at the pace of the individual.  The more time you put into advancement and the more meetings you attend, the faster you can advance.  We schedule time almost every meeting to work with first year Scouts on advancement. 


Parents are welcome to sit in on the Monday meetings.  Announcements of upcoming activities and recognition for past activities are typically done during the first half-hour of the meeting. 


The Troop Meetings always end at 8:45 PM.  Parents, please be at the school on time to pick up your Scout - the leaders cannot go home until every Scout has been picked up.  Car pooling with one parent picking up multiple Scouts is OK.


Troop Camping and Other Outings
- Troop 101 camps every month of the year.  A calendar of Troop campouts and other outings will be provided.  Scouts should attend as many campouts as possible.  There are advancement activities that we can only do on campouts, plus they are a lot of fun for the boys.  We understand that many boys are involved in sports and other activities - we ask that you use the calendar to plan ahead so they can go on the monthly outings. 


Every summer, the Troop attends a week-long summer camp. New Scouts are encouraged to attend Summer Camp.  We require that a Scout attend at least two weekend campouts before going to Summer Camp.


Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement - We are always looking for parents who want to get involved. We cannot do it without you. Ask the other parents who are already involved - it’s fun, it helps the Troop and it helps your son. Become an Assistant Scoutmaster and join us on campouts, or work on one of our many committees.