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Welcome to Pack 34's Webpage!

Pack 34 includes Kindergartners to fifth graders primarily from elementary schools in Highland Park, Illinois.  

Pack 34 Scouts enjoy great support from their families and leaders, which allows us to hold a Pack (all ages) event every month.  Scouts also meet one or two times a month with their den. Dens consist of smaller groups of scouts from the same grade.  Lion Scouts are in Kindergarten, Tiger Scouts are in first grade, Wolves in second, Bears in third, Webelos are fourth, and Arrow of Light are fifth.

If you would like more information, please contact us through

Information for New Families

Hello new (and potential) Cub Scout families. Hopefully this email should answer most of your questions about the mechanics of joining Cub Scouts. If you have any others, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call. 

Even if you missed our recruiting events it's never too late to join!

Topics covered in this note:
- Pack Meetings
- Den Meetings
- Pack Leaders
- Uniform and Supplies
- The Bobcat Badge
- Fundraiser

Pack Meetings
- One per month, all boys and girls from all dens K-5th grade.
- Blue uniforms should be worn to Pack meetings unless we say otherwise in the announcement
- Pack meetings should attended by at least one parent, but many of the activities are geared towards the whole family, so feel free to bring all your kids to meetings.

Den Meetings
- One or two per month, just the boys or girls in your grade
- Uniforms should be worn to den meetings
- Your den leader may put out a schedule for you to help with one or two den meetings during the year.

Uniforms & Supplies
We will provide you with the Scout Handbook, neckerchief, slide, and our Pack 34 "Class B" t-shirt.

Here's what you will need to get before your first meeting:
- Blue Scout Shirt
- Uniform Patches (The Scout Store will know what to give you, tell them your son's grade, their Pack Number ("34”) and their den number 
- Scout Belt (Holds the awards the boys earn)
- Dark blue pants or jeans (To hold belt)
- Red Brag Vest (this is where your son will display all his patches)
- Round NE Illinois Council Patch (centered on back of brag vest)
- Cub Scout Hat
Note:  Most Scouts do not purchase official Scout pants or socks.

All supplies can be purchased at the Scouting Store. See the website for hours:

The Bobcat Badge
The first thing that all new scouts need to do is to follow the steps to earn the Bobcat badge. You can find these in the first sections of your scout handbook. K and 1st graders will cover this in their first den meetings, den leaders for older scouts may cover these as a review in the first meeting as well, but you should plan on going over them with your scout, and when he has completed them you can inform the den leader. Your son will then receive their Bobcat badge in a ceremony at the October pack meeting.

- We will need an application for each new scout.  These are sent online.
- We also need $75 for pack dues for the period from Sept-August (minus online application fees. These can be prorated for scouts joining later in the year.
- You don't have have to be a kid to join Cub Scouts - adults can join too. Pack parents help out in den and pack activities, but if you want to join the pack leadership to plan future events for the boys, we'd love to have you join the pack as a volunteer. Plus, signing up as an adult member is free!

The annual fee that we charge covers the amount we pay to the Boy Scouts of America for their overall organization fees. We run one fundraiser (Trail's End Popcorn sales) every year in September and October to cover the books, slides, t-shirts, awards, derby cars, and other pack costs. We do not pressure the boys on how much they should sell, but most boys love taking part in the sale and competing to win prizes for sales.