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Girl Scout Troop 80173
(Hamilton, Michigan)
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Troop FAQ

Who can join Troop 80173?

Our troop is the troop for Hamilton area 6th-9th graders (Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts).  

What is the cost?

Registration with the Girl Scout USA/HOM organization is $35 per year – this covers insurance, processing, and supports the national and council organization.  As a troop, we collect yearly dues to cover the cost of badges.   Dues are due in October (amount TBD)-- this covers the cost of the earned badges (we work on a  lot!).  Our fundraisers cover part or all of the other costs associated  with the troop (trips,supplies, etc.).

How do I register?

1) Register online (the $35 registration fee can be paid there)
2) On paper -- you can fill out the paper registration form and then write a check to GSHOM for $35

To register online, go  to (or to and click “Register online” at the top) and create a new  Parent login.  Then add your daughter(s) to your "Family".  Finally, 
 you can click the"Join" button next to the girl(s) name(s) and start  the registration process.Make sure to choose "Troop" as the type of  participation, and enter the Troop number 80173.

Financial support is available.  Get with Kristie if needed.

You will also need to fill out paper copies of the Health Form and Release Form at your first meeting.

What uniform is required?

No uniform is “required”, but we strongly encourage them – the girls feel “special” having one and it keeps their awards organized.  At minimum, we strongly recommend a vest or sash, along with the troop numeral patches (80173), the flag,  insignia tab and the council patch set (Heart of Michigan).  The books 
 are optional, but a nice to have, especially if your daughter wants to  work on things outside of the troop (some badges, particularly at  Brownie level) are best done at home.  You can purchase a "Starter Kit"  from (click"Shop" at the top) which walks you through  purchasing what you need for each level (and they get a free bag) --  the kit does include the handbook.  You can also go to Cobblestone  Hobbies near Walmart(next to Crazy Horse) and get most everything as  well -- they probably won't have the council patch set (the will have  Shore to Shore, which is NOT what you want).

When do you meet?

For the 2017-2018 School year, we will try to meet every other Thursday from 6:30-8:30 at Kristie's (might move to the Scout cabin).

What are the folders for?

When registered, your daughter will get a “take home folder” that we ask she brings each week.  We will send important papers home in it –some things that need to be returned in order to finish earning a badge.  Please check this folder after each meeting and keep it in a safe spot so it can come each week with her.

Some girls have Troop T-shirts.  How can I get one?

Once or twice a year we’ll order/make troop t-shirts that include the troop number on the sleeve.  The cost varies for those – they are not required, but fun to have.  Any parent that volunteers is encouraged to have one as well.

How will I stay up to date with info on the Troop?

We mentioned the folders, and we will also do our best to have a monthly newsletter with all of the important information in it.  Leaders use email frequently to remind you of various events and items.  You can also check our website for up to date schedules and info at  We also have a Facebook page -- ask to become a member.  If you ever have questions, contact your level’s leader  or for administrative or “troop” things, Kristie.  You can always email if you aren’t sure who to contact.

Do I have to stay for meetings?

Nope.You are welcome to stay, but not required to stay.  A few times a year we’ll have parent meetings or awards ceremonies for part of the meeting, but otherwise you are free to leave.  If you do stay, we just ask the younger siblings be left at home or be kept separate from the girls.  Activities are designed for the safety and enjoyment of the specific age level, so we don’t want any accidents.  In addition, having the younger siblings around tends to distract the girls from the task at hand.

What is the weather policy?

If Hamilton Schools are “closed” at the time of our meeting due to snow or tornado/storm warnings, then we are cancelled as well.  Even if they have school, if they declare “evening activities are cancelled”, then we must cancel our meeting as well.

Getting started:

Order uniforms ONLINE or at Cobblestone Hobbies (near Walmart in Holland), Kalamazoo Center (W. Maple) or GMISTS Center (Walker Ave right off I96). [Minimum for all levels is sash/vest/tunic, Flag patch, Heart of Michigan council set, Troop numerals, and Insignia tab (DO NOT BUY PINS)]

New registrations require:
  • Membership form (requires $35 fee to register with Girl Scouts of America - checks to "GSHOM")
New and returning girls require: